Standing just outside the circle Waiting for my voice to be heard How long must I pay my dues To earn respect from this boy’s club? How long will I be pushed And how long will I be silenced? I am not an accessory with a tiny waist size 3 When will people realize that size does not make beauty? When women are known through ties to men If we are heard only after men When women are made invisible This Is part of sexist culture When sexism is in the scene Its hurting more than just mainstream society This is a problem that should be fought together Not a fight that gets divided by our gender Its true that men are also affected Women have not been the only ones subjected This is not a reason to dismiss our plight This is just a reason to join the fight Knowing that I have a voice Fighting for visibility Its time I found my own way out Of this silenced identity Knowing that I have a voice Screaming as loud as I have to I will scream until I am heard I will scream until I see change Im tired of hearing that this is all in my head Im tired of hearing its my fault for being who I am Im tired of seeing women pushed to the side Treated like coat racks while men talk importantly Im tired of this dialogue that never goes anywhere Cause youre too busy talking to hear what I have to say When I hear a sexist comment I will say fuck you For all of the anger I feel everyday Im sorry, did I ruin 3 hours of your life? Did I ruin your good time? I am a woman every single day I deal with this shit every single day So Im sorry if you felt uncomfortable for a single day But good - maybe youll know what its like What its like to be me Maybe youll know what it¹s like What its like to be she Feeling invisible and ignored is difficult, especially when it’s due to something you have no control over.

Breaking the Silence was written to express frustration about the way we felt we were being treated as women involved in the punk community. For a long time we did not feel welcome, did not understand why we would be pushed outside the circle, why what we said did not seem to matter, that no one was really thinking about or hearing the things we were saying. Some unintentional (as well as intentional) sexist behavior finds its way into our community and it is a problem. We hope that anyone who feels that they are being silenced can find a way to express their frustration, and that anyone who is called on their sexist actions and remarks will not take the criticism as an attack, but rather as a positive step in trying to make the scene a safer place.

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